Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dr. Shetay Ashford to Start at Texas State University as an Assistant Professor

Dr. Shetay Ashford
Shetay Ashford, Ph.D., graduated from the Career and Workforce Education program in the Spring of 2016 with Dr. Eddie Fletcher as her Major Professor.  Dr. Ashford began her doctoral students in the Fall of 2012 and was continuously engaged in the scholarly community while there, including presenting at national and local conferences as well as publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals.

During her time at USF, she was a research assistant for two grants, and served as a teaching assistant for the EVT 4651 Equity in Schools and the Workplace undergraduate course. In addition, Dr. Ashford earned a graduate certificate in Program Management and Evaluation.

Her dissertation research focused on the lived experiences of African American females earning doctoral degrees in Computer Sciences. She currently is an Assistant Professor on the tenure-track at Texas State University in the Department of Occupational, Workforce, and Leadership Studies.

Congratulations Dr. Ashford, and best wished for a successful tenure journey at Texas State University.